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NaNo Fail 2012

I have been known to join the NanoWriMo bandwagon.


Meditation Dream 

I knew I wanted to write today, so I thought about it and then got nervous.  I got myself a little worked up about what to write. Now I seem to be writing about the process of thinking and worrying about writing. Is it supposed to work this way? Dreams are the New Reality In […]

These Days

Last night I dreamed about the importance of documenting my life via blog or journal. I think I was able to look something up in a blog and figure out something about my life. I can’t remember what it was, though. I’m convinced that there is an afterlife. I’ve always suspected it, but after listening […]

Tennis Ball Dream

Earlier today I had the thought that everything will be okay. I’m not sure where it came from, but it was reassuring. The momentary calm that accompanied the thought is no longer with me. I slept in yesterday and today. I dreamed this morning about being in a large auditorium. There was a tennis ball […]

Greatness, do I want it?

Sometimes I think I’d like to be known for something Be great at something But then I think about all the work it would take To be great Then I pause And wonder If I even have what it takes If I have the necessary moxie, gumption, chutzpah, nerve Sometimes I think I do Sometimes […]

The Power of ‘What If?’

This is a speech I wrote when I was in Toastmasters. Take a moment to look around, and become aware of your surroundings. Glance at the person sitting beside you. Now that you’re acquainted with what’s on the outside, I’d like to spend the rest of our time together looking at what’s inside. Ask yourself […]

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