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A little prayer

I’m here Asking God To send my love To those who are Hungry, Lonely or in Despair To those who use hate as a mask for fear To the sick To the weak To the greedy To those who have hurt me To those who I have wronged […]

abstract face shape


Daily Prompt April, 21 She walks about the world with a tight jaw that suggests habitual muscular patterning. That might be the technical term for the way she locks herself.  Is her temporomandibular joint disorderly?  This is where she keeps the fear she pretends she doesn’t have. She  applies […]

Writing Anxiety

It’s day whatever of NaNoWriMo. I decided to do some descriptive writing, and construct the places where my characters will live and work. My first idea for a location is a place like Heaven, a Perfect Place. One of my characters dies and goes there. I think she’ll […]

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