Getting Social

The problem with social media Let’s face it. Social media can be the worst. It has become a platform where people feel comfortable being awful to other human beings. I had to get that mini-rant out of the way before talking about how useful social media can be. It’s not all bad There are a […]

So Many Words

I’ve been thinking about writing and wondering why people write. The amount of text that gets pushed to the Internet each day has got to be astounding. I found a statistic here that said there were 759 million websites on the web in 2013. I don’t think the brain can or should think about how many words […]

So much

There is so  much to see and hear. There is so  much to touch. There are so  many books with words and pictures. There’s music, videos, paintings, drawings, real and virtual. We have plasma screens, tv screens computer screens, and of course bulletin boards with fliers stacked one on top of the other. Then there are blogs […]

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