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Instant Comfort

I tried another Instant Pot recipe, Healthy Instant Pot Mac and Cheese from The Girl on the Bloor.

The ”healthy” component of the dish is broccoli. You could add other greens to up your veggie game. The recipe called for regular pasta. I wanted to use whole wheat, but I found none at Walmart. I used the Colby/Monterey Jack cheese I already had in the fridge instead of the white cheddar on the ingredient list.

Overall, the cooking was quick and easy, and I got a little more comfortable with my Instant Pot.

The flavor wasn’t spectacular, but it tasted good and did feel like comfort food. Switching to a tastier cheese might improve the flavor.

I’m liking the Instant Pot more and more. It’s helping me to make healthier food choices for myself. For me, better eating means less trouble with those everyday MS symptoms like fatigue and the dreaded ”brain fog.”

What tricks do you use to make healthy eating happen?


First Instant Pot Experience

People have been raving about the modern day pressure cooker/multi-cooker. I jumped onto bandwagon and got one for Christmas. This is the cooker with the brand name Instant Pot.

Instant Pot
Instant Pot


My Instant Pot came with a cookbook, but all of the recipes require a lot of ingredients. I searched the internet for Instant Pot recipes with 10 ingredients or less and found this one for Black Bean Soup.

This recipe called for: dried black beans, a small red onion, 3 garlic cloves, a red pepper, vegetable broth, and a few other ingredients.

I decided to watch a video to learn how to chop an onion properly.

I also wanted to get better at handling garlic.

I was surprised to find out I only needed half a bunch of cilantro and only the stems. Now I have a bunch of cilantro leaves that I will end up throwing away. I appreciate the fact that meal kit vendors send you just the amount of herbs and spices you need.

Cilantro stems and leaves
Cilantro stems and leftover leaves

I used the pot’s saute mode to cook the onions, garlic, stems, and red pepper. That step was nice and easy.

A steamy saute.

Then came the beans, broth, spices, and some extra water. Total cooking time was 30 minutes. Once the soup was done I used my Ninja to blend it. I should probably buy an immersion blender to do this task in the future.

I was happy with the soup’s flavor, but I should have added more water. The soup was more like a paste.

The important thing is that learned how to use my new Instant Pot! The best part of the experience was not having to use a skillet to do the sauteing. Oh, the wonders of modern technology.

Finding a way

Taking time for fitness

For me, exercising as soon as I get home from work is the way to go. I can do something at home or go use the eqiupment at Planet Fitness. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I schedule the workout before my Copaxone injection. It’s a system that works. Even if I’m feeling a little fatigued or under-the-weather, I can at least get on the floor and do some stretching. I need to lose about 35 pounds and I plan to lose it the way I gained it, slowly. My eating habits are pretty good, but I’m not as active as I need to be. If I don’t make progress in the next couple of months, I’ll have the doctor check my thyroid function. I’m pretty sure it’s a lifestyle problem and not hormones.

In other food news

I got an Instant Pot for Christmas. Now I have to learn how to use it and find recipes that don’t call for 15 ingredients.

Art for sanity

I want to revisit art journaling this year. The book I’m altering is turning into an art journal. I had a thought that I could turn books into journals and sell them on Etsy.

I don’t like how messy the art journal process is. Things would be so much easier if I could quit my job and do art and jewelry full-time. That is something to put on the vision board. That’s another to-do!

I could focus more on digital art, but I like working with real objects. I want to add digital scrapbook paper and embellishments to my Etsy inventory. More to-dos!

Paint on a book page