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I did it!

My art is on display this month at Bloomington Stitchery. Who would have thunk that would happen? Well, I would have a little.

Paintings on wall at Bloomington Stitchery.
My first exhibit

This is an entry-level endeavor, but it took a lot of work. It’s great to find out what you’re capable of.

I also have my handmade bracelets for sale at the shop. A few of them sold on Friday. It’s nice to know people like them.

This could be the beginning of something great!

By the way

If you live in or near Bloomington, IN, be sure to stop by Bloomington Stitchery. They offer professional sewing and custom design for all bodies. Their specialty is custom wedding apparel, fine tailoring, and on-site wedding services.


More Bracelets

My bracelets on Etsy are not selling, so I decided to make some more in a slightly different style. You’ve gotta try things.

I stopped at JOANN and picked up some supplies.

Joann storefront

Strung beads
New beads

I’m going to plan a design before I start adding meads to the memory wire. That’s unusual for me.

Bead board

Because I love spending money at craft stores, I broke down and bought a Happy Planner sticker pack for my recently acquired planner. I secretly want to be one of those planner people on Instagram.

Instagram screenshot of planner posts


I know I’ll never do it.

Moving Forward

My father’s funeral was last Saturday, but I don’t feel like writing about it, or him. It’s hard to talk about someone you’ve known your entire life without most of it being about yourself. So I’m not going to write about him tonight.

I need an app that will tell me how much time I waste scrolling through my Twitter feed. My addiction to Twitter must be contributing to the low mood I’ve been in this weekend. I hope to find good news and do. The problem comes when I see something ugly, mean, or scary. I forget all about the good.

The weekend wasn’t so bad though. I finally got around to wrangling my ridiculous bead stash and posting it for sale on eBay. If you’re looking to purchase a bunch of beads on the cheap, check this out.

Assorted beads for sale
Assorted beads for sale

I hope to develop a jewelry style. Owning hundreds of beads that don’t inspire me has not been helpful.

I ordered some watercolor pencils that were advertised on Instagram. When it comes to art and craft supplies, I might have a problem with control. Will I be selling all of my colored pencils and markers on eBay next year?

A new work week begins tomorrow. Let’s promise to stay positive and resist the forces out there that want us to live in fear. Let us also remember to every day find something to be grateful for.

Laura an Bill
Laura and Bill


I’m beginning to love jewelry from 8/24/15

I recently discovered something new about myself. I kind of love jewelry. This is a big surprise to me because I’ve never been one to wear a lot of jewelry. My mom bought me a pearl ring with little diamonds when I was in high school, and I wore it every day for several years. When I got to college and started taking dance classes on most days, I stopped wearing it because, as a rule, you take off jewelry before participating in a dance class. I was afraid of losing the ring, so I stopped wearing it.

I got engaged in 2009 and married in 2010. I wasn’t dancing as much, but I was still afraid of losing the rings, so I decided not to wear them. I sometimes get on kicks where I like to wear earrings, but those kicks don’t last for long.

The point is, you wouldn’t expect me to be as interested in jewelry as I am. But, something happened to me. I began learning how to make jewelry. I decided I want to sell the jewelry that I make. Now, I’m obsessed with looking at bracelets and necklaces to see how they are constructed. I’ve also become interested in vintage jewelry, because I wouldn’t mind collecting and selling it.

So this blog is going to be the place where I talk about my interest in making, collecting, selling, and learning about jewelry.

I’ll start with showing off a necklace I finished today. The beads are from a necklace of my Aunt’s that I took apart. I finally learned how to use eye pins to link beads together, and I’m getting a little better and opening and closing jump rings. I’m really proud of myself for finally diving in and practicing these techniques. If you want to learn how to do something, you have to just do it. You’ll fail at first, but it’ll get better.

Here’s the necklace. I’m calling it a prototype because I’d like to make another with better quality materials before trying to sell it. I’ll keep this one for myself and hope that it doesn’t fall apart.

Necklace made with beads, chain, and a clock charm. Necklace made with beads, chain, and a clock charm.

Meditation Dream 

I knew I wanted to write today, so I thought about it and then got nervous.  I got myself a little worked up about what to write. Now I seem to be writing about the process of thinking and worrying about writing. Is it supposed to work this way?

Dreams are the New Reality

In one of my dreams last night, I was in some unknown location when a guy (I think he was Asian) asked me to meditate with him. I agreed to do so, and we sat down on the floor holding hands with eyes closed. The session was successful. The guy acquired lots of good energy from me, and I felt as if I helped him. The dream tells me that I'm on the right track in my spiritual pursuits.  I am sure now that when I dream, I go to real places. I visit other planes of existence. I may have thousands of lives.


I bought some baby spinach the other day. I think I'll do a salad with strawberries. I need some almond slivers and red onion to add to it. I can either make my own vinaigrette or buy some.

Another food thought is to prep an onion or two and freeze them for later use. I think you can do that. What about garlic? I'll have to look it up.

I have sweet potatoes to cook as well as frozen salmon.


I've been doing yoga fairly regularly. I think it has improved my gait, but it could be that I'm just at a good walking time of my nutty hormonal cycle. It seems to work for me to do a session at 9 pm most weeknights.


I've been spending a lot of time practicing wrapped loops. I'm getting better at it. I made a necklace for Linda, one of the residents at my dad's assisted living facility.  It's not perfect, but I'm happy with it. I thought the pendant was an angel, but I realized it must be a fairy after looking more closely at it.

Wire wrapped loop necklace with fairy pendant.

Finishing Fear from 9/1/15

I think I have a pretty good design sense. I can arrange beads in a pleasing way and make a nice looking necklace or bracelet.  What I don’t have is solid jewelry making technique. My goal is to improve. I’ve gotten a little better as of late. I conquered my fear of using eye pins to make a chain of beads. I did this making the necklace pictured in my previous post.  Now my loops weren’t perfect, but I got a little better as the chain got longer.

My biggest jewelry making fear has always centered around finishing pieces. I once made a nice little bracelet and finished it with a crimp. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to use a crimp properly, and the bracelet broke. Finally, I understand crimping better, so my task is to keep crimping until I do it right. After that, I’ll figure out how to use crimp covers.

Here’s a necklace I made for myself.

Necklace with black and clear seed beads.
I had some crimping mishaps, and it’s shorter than I want it to be, so I re-did it.
I want to make a bunch of necklaces for myself so I have a lot of different pieces to wear to work every day. I have lots of beads to experiment with.

I found this great video from Fire Mountain Gems on using a crimping tool.

And here’s the new necklace, waiting to be finished. I decided to go ahead and finish this post before finishing the necklace. Hopefully, I’ll post in a few weeks and show several new, nicely crimped, creations!

Version 2 of the necklace
Necklace #2


Adorning the Arms From 9/7/15

bangle –  (noun) rigid, ring-shaped bracelet usually made without a clasp so as to slip over the hand, but sometimes having a hinged opening and a clasp.

Origin: Hindi, 1780-17901780-90; < Hindi banglī, variant of bangrī glass ring, armlet

From Dictionary.com http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/bangle

Drawer of Bangles
A drawer of bangles from my collection. I sometimes wear lots of these when I perform belly dance.

Speaking of wearing bracelets and bangles for belly dance, Tribal Fusion belly dancer Rachel Brice wears beautiful jewelry on her arms. She  collects jewelry from all over the world.

Take a look at her Pinterest board, “Bracelets & Anklets,” to see some beautiful pieces.

Screen shot of Pinterest board by Rachel Brice, "Bracelets & Anklets."
Pinterest board by Rachel Brice.





Here’s video of Ms. Brice with arms adorned.




Bracelet Crazy

I went on a bracelet making spree. I wanted to master the multi-strand bead cone design. It started out kind of bad, but it got better. I’m not a master yet, but I’ve got some experience under my belt. Making these two bracelets took about 12 tries. It was all about getting the length right, crimping correctly, and achieving quality wrapped loops.

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Phases and Drifting 

I haven’t posted in a while. Life is busy, and I am lazy when it comes to blogging.

For a while, I was obsessed with mixed-media art. Then I got onto a memory wire bracelet-making kick. From there, I moved on to stretch bracelets and then multi-strand stringing wire bracelets. My technique on the latter kind needs work.

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