At last

I started writing the following a little while ago, but never finished it. I’m at the hospital waiting to check in for my MRIs. I see the neurologist next week for a 6- month follow-up. She’ll review the MRIs to see how effective the Copaxone injections have been. The hospital’s main floor is busy. It […]


Finding a Way

It’s time to face my fears and take some action! In a previous post, I said something about making money from blogging. The idea has been on my mind for quite a while, but it has remained only an idea. If I want to move forward, I must start doing some concrete things to achive my […]

Books and School

I’m reading The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It’s about overcoming what stops you from sitting down and doing your art. I learned about it from a blog post  about books by Amanda Miniger. I really like Ms. Miniger’s  writing style. I just finished reading the fourth of the Wool series by Hugh Howey […]

What about today?

PT (physical therapy) at 9:00. That’s not so easy because mornings are not my thing. It’ll wake me up and get me motivated. Balance is my number one priority for these sessions. I’m hoping that every exercise I do causes my brain to make new and better connections.  OT (occupational therapy) at 9:45. Yesterday I […]

Looking for library types

Zero to Hero Day 14 is Blogger’s Choice. Here’s what I did. I’m  working toward a Masters degree in Library and Information Science. I’m taking one class this semester, Reference. The class met yesterday, and the professor told us that the library world is a very networked world.  That makes me think I should search […]

Almost didn’t do it

Zero to Hero Day 11: Leave comments on three new blogs I commented here: A Hundred Thousand Empty Words and here: Simon van Rysewyk ‘think and wonder, wonder and think’ and here: Alice’s Adventures in Knittingland I will admit that there wasn’t much substance to the comments, but they were at least complimentary. These posts are getting […]

Change of plans

Remember when I said that I was signed up for the GRE so I could apply to the Instructional Systems Technology program? Guess what? I’m not doing it! Here’s what I’m doing instead. I am back in the library science business. I originally moved to Bloomington because my friend Karen was enrolled in the library […]

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