I love flowers. Lately, I’ve found that I love them more than I previously realized. They must be a manifestation of The Creator’s love. Flowers are smiles–warm welcoming embraces. They…

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Shadow of tree on metal utility cover


So many plans that are really only notionsNot even hopesCertainly not dreamsThey could easily drift away on life’s mundane breeze


You can’t get aheadIt’s not possibleNot in any lasting tangible senseYou may think you’re aheadBut you’ve only caught upBecause the thing that is finished Must be replacedWith something fresh and…

Writing on a Timer

I set the timer for 20 minutes. I was afraid to make it 30. The goals is to just write. It occurred to me yesterday that I could surely make…


Am I done yet? Have I completed the tasks I came to Earth to do? Sometimes it feels as if I’m spinning my wheels. Just taking up space.


Trees bravely shed their leaves. What can my soul release? What things are good enough to keep?

East could be West

Life as a human is strange There are certain obligations Things we’re required to do What happens when we just don’t? What if we all just decided to stop? What…


I’m thankful to be in the presence of such perfection.


When you challenge yourself to do better and then don’t You decide to try harder the next time You say, “this is the weekend I’ll get things done” You say,…