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Poem for serial monogamy

If the two of us one day do part

I’ll express no regret

The world became more beautiful

On the day we met

Our souls composed a symphony

Our bodies sang in harmony

So if our pairing has to end

My heart will keep you as a friend

Girl with Balloon by Banksy


Until it’s true

I wish I could love you

I wish you were gentle and soft

And not frightened and small

I can say that I love you, but it doesn’t feel true

Maybe if I pray for a trick or a secret door

Maybe I can learn to love someone not quite as cruel and as hard as you

Because I know you won’t willingly change

And I know that love is what I’m here to do

So I may have to say it until it is true

Abstract digital art

Ragtag Daily Prompt #81: Tender

tender Ragtag Daily Prompt (RDP) #81

She has no memories of being an infant. Some people claim they can recall those early years, but she thinks they are fooling themselves.

She has seen pictures of her mother and father cradling her in their arms. The love they feel for this tiny human is in their smiles and in their eyes. She can’t remember being this baby, but the photos are proof that she came here for a reason.

At the age of 47, she now understands that she must treat herself tenderly. She will do this for herself and to honor those people who held her so closely for so many years.

Elsa, Bill, and Laura.

Good People

When my husband’s co-workers heard about my MS diagnosis they were terribly concerned for me and for him. They understood he’d be missing work a bit, and they said his number one job is to take care of me. They said they would pray for me. So many people are praying for me, and keeping me in their thoughts. People are good.

Get well card and people illustration.They signed a get-well card for me and even collected money. The money  wasn’t at all necessary, but I can use it to buy up-market “frou-frou healthy” food at our local co-op Bloomingfoods. It can be a little pricey there. We have a Lucky’s Market in town now too. Whole Foods is coming soon, and there are rumors that another of this type of store is coming to the west side of town?  Is this too much for Bloomington?

We’ll see.

We’re bombarded these days by news of horrific things happening in the world. But when I look around at my little universe, things are not so bad at all.

That Husband of Mine

I was scrolling through the thousands of pics stored on my iPhone and came across a photo from my little Tennessee wedding.  I realized that I have not mentioned the amazing support my husband, Ernie, is giving me through this MS stuff, and through the Dad stuff. 

He’s here at the hospital. He visits me. He visits Dad. His sister-in-law had a knee replacement and he was up visiting on her floor too. 

He goes home and takes care of the dogs. He’s buying stuff for the house to make things a bit more accessible for me. He’s going to handle getting Dad into an assisted living facility. 

He brings me cookies and muffins and coffee.

He brings me love, encouragement, strength, hope, courage, safety, peace of mind. All of the good stuff.

 Laura and Ernie posing at front door at 556 Roxanne. Dr. Antioch, TN 6-19-2010 

Ernie makes it possible for me to be me. I’m the most fortunate girl on the planet! I am loved and I love!

Screen – Daily Post Prompt

From this Daily Post: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/screen/

A screen can keep things out or keep things in. I have my own screen that protects me from life’s bad stuff, but it’s old and in need of repair. 

I can see and feel through my screen and decide what to allow in. If I’m weak, I let things in that I shouldn’t. I let things in that cause me pain. If I’m weak, I keep things out that I should let in even though they cause me pain. Some pain is meant to be felt.

The bad stuff reaches me more often these days.  The worst of it is all the hate that spews out of people’s brains and onto the Internet.  I need to know that this hate exists, but sometimes it causes me to hate. I think that every time I hate, it kills a piece of my soul. I must learn how to counter hate with love. 

Does my screen let in enough love?  I’ll bet that it does not. Sometimes love is hard to accept. It can seem too good to be true. Does my screen let out all of the love I have to give?  I can try my best to let that happen. 

I have much work to do.


Image representiing a screen