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Poem for serial monogamy

If the two of us one day do part I’ll express no regret The world became more beautiful On the day we met Our souls composed a symphony Our bodies sang in harmony So if our pairing has to end My heart will keep you as a friend […]


We Dance

We dance the dance again tonight You with all those arms legs Wrestling with the beat Me a glowing wiggling worm My moves produce a stifling heat You thrust, then shift, then slide I scream, electrified And when at last the dance is done That endless music rumbles […]

Good People

When my husband’s co-workers heard about my MS diagnosis they were terribly concerned for me and for him. They understood he’d be missing work a bit, and they said his number one job is to take care of me. They said they would pray for me. So many […]

That Husband of Mine

I was scrolling through the thousands of pics stored on my iPhone and came across a photo from my little Tennessee wedding.  I realized that I have not mentioned the amazing support my husband, Ernie, is giving me through this MS stuff, and through the Dad stuff.  He’s […]

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