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Casual Cricut Cutting

A short video tutorial on finding simple images in Cricut Design Space.


Shopping blues

I tell people my MS symptoms aren’t that bad. Many people with the disease have it much worse than I do. All that is true, but for me it’s the small inconveniences that get me down. Shop ’till I drop Shopping for clothes used to be fun. I can’t count how many hours I spent […]

Ragtag Daily Prompt #81: Tender

tender Ragtag Daily Prompt (RDP) #81 She has no memories of being an infant. Some people claim they can recall those early years, but she thinks they are fooling themselves. She has seen pictures of her mother and father cradling her in their arms. The love they feel for this tiny human is in their smiles […]

Too many photos 

We’ve moved my dad’s stuff out of his apartment. He lives at a assisted living facility now. Anyway, a big part of dealing with his possessions is going through thousands of photos. He’s been an avid amateur photographer for over sixty years, so there are a ton of prints, slides, and negatives to go through. […]

The Beach in Jamaica

The prompt is beach. When I was a child some of my vacations were spent on the island of Jamaica, my mother’s home country. While there, we spent a lot of time driving around to visit family. Those visits always seemed to involve talking about who had died. I remember eating a lot of fruit […]

Home movies

There’s always something to write about. Whether or not it’s interesting is for the reader to decide. I guess the writer is also entitled to her opinion, but even if she thinks what comes out on the screen isn’t interesting, she’s duty-bound to keep writing. No one ever died from reading boring prose did they? […]

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