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Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point

City street
Up from a Bloomington roundabout.

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I have pledged many times to stick to one or two spare-time activities. I can’t do it. Last year I was obsessed with making digital art. I even had an art show in October. These days I’m not doing much art at all.

Writing should be my main thing, and I’ve been posting to my blog pretty regularly for the past few months. I had some momentum going for a while, but things are dragging.

I have been doing more yoga. Yoga makes me feel good.

My new thing is trying to sell my photos on Foap. I have thousands. of pictures on Flickr. Some of them seem sale-worthy. If that’s a term one can use.

It takes a lot of work to pick images, edit them a little, upload them with the Foap app, and then add descriptions and tags. The activity consumed a large part of my weekend. Foap says that your photos are more likely to sell if you have a lot of them. I am looking to supplement my income, and so far the blog has made only $1.06 from WordAds.

In my dream world, I would quit my day-job to blog and do photography full time. I’m not there yet.

I won’t go into my story of relearning the guitar to get my skills back to sub-mediocre. That’s for another day.

Acoustic guitar

All of the Leaves

When Autumn comes, I feel compelled to take pictures of all of the dying or dead leaves.

Autumn leafAutmn leafAutumn leaf

Autumn leaf

This time of year makes me think of the song Autumn Leaves. There’s an interesting story behind the song. It comes from a French composer and a French poet.

Many artists have recorded it, but my favorite rendition is by Nat ‘King’ Cole. Cole was my father’s favorite, so he holds a special place in my heart. I grew up hearing his albums.