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I’ve been listening to audio books to escape reality. I was on a binge of books with the word girl in the title. I particularly like mysteries or thrillers set in England, like The Girl from the Sea, Behind Closed Doors, and No Longer Safe. I’ve come back […]

Photo of cone flower with yellow petals.

Much Better

It’s amazing how much better life is when your every waking moment isn’t anxiety filled. The increased Fluoxetine dosage is finally working, so life has not been awful for about two weeks. I do experience a few anxious moments, but I’m able to brush the feeling away and […]

When I Can

I’m at a doctor appointment with Dad; just a routine follow-up for the formerly cancerous kidney. The doc is taking forever to come in, so we’re waiting in the exam room. I have my Kindle, and I’m in the middle of Alice Close Your Eyes. Reading this book […]

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