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Leafless tree

Trees bravely shed their leaves. What can my soul release? What things are good enough to keep?



A daily prompt entry

I want to be in the club and not pay dues.

I want to get drunk and have no morning hangover.

I want to eat all of the world’s chocolate and still lose 30 pounds.

I want to save all the endangered animals.

I want to be

  • a writer
  • an actor
  • a singer
  • an artist

I want everything.

Still, I could use some sound sleep.

I’d love to have financial independence and an herb garden.

I want to understand where my soul resides. Am I separate from it? How do I know me?

Have I always existed?

Was I once a lion?

Have I lived a million lives?

What comes next?

Will I be ready?

Abstract digital painting

Screen – Daily Post Prompt

From this Daily Post: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/screen/

A screen can keep things out or keep things in. I have my own screen that protects me from life’s bad stuff, but it’s old and in need of repair. 

I can see and feel through my screen and decide what to allow in. If I’m weak, I let things in that I shouldn’t. I let things in that cause me pain. If I’m weak, I keep things out that I should let in even though they cause me pain. Some pain is meant to be felt.

The bad stuff reaches me more often these days.  The worst of it is all the hate that spews out of people’s brains and onto the Internet.  I need to know that this hate exists, but sometimes it causes me to hate. I think that every time I hate, it kills a piece of my soul. I must learn how to counter hate with love. 

Does my screen let in enough love?  I’ll bet that it does not. Sometimes love is hard to accept. It can seem too good to be true. Does my screen let out all of the love I have to give?  I can try my best to let that happen. 

I have much work to do.


Image representiing a screen 

Daily Prompt: Express Yourself

I’m not sure what expressing yourself really means. Aren’t’ we expressing ourselves just by existing?

I did a simple Google search for the definition of the word express.

The first meaning is this: convey (a thought or feeling) in words or by gestures and conduct.

The second is this: squeeze out (liquid or air).

I get the feeling that the second definition actually came first. I think that when I’m expressing myself, I’m squeezing out my essence. I’m showing you my inner-self, the part of me that’s hidden by skin, bones, and ego.

I like to create, but I’m not sure why. I don’t think I set out to bare my soul to those who are interested. But now that I’m thinking about it, this is exactly what I’m doing.

I don’t think I can ever be successful at expressing myself. Anything I draw, write, paint, sing, or dance is still superficial. Maybe that’s why we keep creating. We hope that someday the world will see us for who and what we really are.

Something to ponder.

Sketchbook page
This isn’t the real me. Or is it?

Always here

I have a cat named OJ. He’s kind of a strange cat. When I say that to certain people, they make a joke about all cats being strange. I think OJ is stranger than others. His new thing is sometimes pooping on the tray that the litter box is on, but not in the litter box. He started this when my other cat,  the late Pericles, got sick.

OJ tends to meow loudly when he’s not in the room with me. He does this, I think, because he’s lonely. He meows loudly when he thinks it dinner time, and also if he’s in the bathroom with me when I’m in the shower.

A softly lit OJ.
A softly lit OJ.

Sometimes I look at OJ, and I wonder who he really is. I feel as if he and I knew each other in a past life. I’ve never really been a believer in reincarnation, but when I look at OJ I see something. It makes me think that we are eternal. We have to be don’t we? We are all connected. We are all the same. This body I inhabit is just a temporary place for the energy that is me  to be. This body I’m in is just an expression of my  true self, or my consciousness, or my soul, or whatever you want to call it.

When I look at my dog, Sadie, I see a creature that is brand new. I have the idea that there are old souls and new souls. I learned that concept in a book, or from Oprah, but I think I believe it to be true.

OJ is strange. Maybe he’s just not used to being a cat.