Fully and brightly

I feel a vibration at my edgesI might break apart and re-formOne phase will fold into the nextYou can see traces of my lightPushing through the cracksof this eggshellMy light will shineFully and brightly Advertisements

Lotus blossom on pond

This life and others

I feel I’ve lived a thousand lives I wanted to write a poem about reincarnation. About the knowing I have that this life, in this body is just one of hundreds. Maybe one of thousands. I wanted to express, in verse, the joy of understanding that I am eternal. That we are eternal. I couldn’t […]

Like a big stack of books

Friday came again, as I figured it would. I got through another work week, doing the things I usually do. My ongoing project went on. I went to bed each night. I got up each morning. I did the same things, with the same people, in the same places. This is life. How is it […]

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