Tag: Spirituality

Poem rendered with Whims app on TimeHop app

Fully and brightly

I feel a vibration at my edgesI might break apart and re-formOne phase will fold into the nextYou can see traces of my lightPushing through the cracksof this eggshellMy light will shineFully and brightly Advertisements


Climbing up hope

Understanding is knowing Knowing becomes believing Faith engenders hope That slippery rope We climb and climb and climb so high And fall so very far Then we learn again That understanding is fleeting Knowing is not a guarantee Believing might be delusion After all the climbing and falling […]

The Soul

I’ve created a mini mythos for myself. It centers around a car, or rather, a crossover vehicle called the Kia Soul. It started several months ago when I kept seeing a green Soul. I thought it was following me. I would see it everywhere I went. Somehow, I […]

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