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Follow-up on the MGUS

I talked about my bloodwork and upcoming (then) appointment with the doctor. I said something about some numbers being high.

As it turns out, I’m not qualified to make predictions based on my own lab reports. Who knew?

The doctor (an expert) said that my numbers are stable. She did not order another bone marrow biopsy or skeletal survey. She told me to come back in 6 months to be checked again.

So I had my husband worried for no reason. I’m not sure why he thought I knew what I was talking about. He knows I’m not a doctor.

The moral of this story is don’t look at your lab results before a professional can tell you what they mean.

Will I do the same thing again next time?

We shall see.

Three chocolate lab dogs.
Labs! Do get the joke?

Stress Source

I stupidly fired up the old Twitter app this morning and got involved in a thread (reading not tweeting) about how a certain newly-elected Latina congresswoman used the wrong word when referring to the different parts of the federal government. Suffice it to say that a lot of people are just awful.

I allowed myself to get stressed out before getting out of bed. Why do I subject myself to this abuse? I lived for 38 years with no Twitter. I’m sure I could go another 38 without it.

To try and negate the bad energy, I posted this uplifting quote.

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profundity. Kindness in giving creates love. Lao Tzu

One tweet from me won’t change the world, but maybe one person will see it and offer kindness to someone they meet. That person may pass it on to someone else. That would indeed be something.

In a future post, I’ll make a list of things to do instead of browsing Twitter when you just can’t bring yourself to put down the smartphone.

Here we go

There are a lot of adjustments that I’ll need to make to my life to manage my MS symptoms and prevent flare-ups. Eating better means cooking more. Cooking means planning. Planning takes work. Work takes energy. Energy use must be managed well. 

Then there’s exercise, PT, stress management, and such.

Of course work and school have to fit in somewhere too.

Don’t forget making art and dancing.

And then I want to write more, because I’m loving the writing.

Take a breath.

Thanks dear friends and readers for all of your support! Breathe with me!

Photo of  my shadow on the rehab wall.
Sittiing on my rehab bed.


The last two or three weeks have been difficult. They’ve been stressful. I started a new job, and I began riding the bus to and from said job. The summer bus schedule is limited, so scheduling my day hasn’t been easy. More frequent busses starting on Monday will help.

I’ve been going to physical therapy on Mon. and Wed. evenings. It’s really helping, but it’s a drain on my time. Only two or three more sessions though.

And then, of course, there were extra rehearsals prior to Gen Con. That was another stressor. We’ll dance at the 4th Street Arts Festival, but prep for that will be less intense.

Another thing is-I started blogging on behalf of IT Training for weareiu.com. I got a little stressy about getting started with that new role. I’ve published two posts, and a third is in the works. All is good on that front.

So August has been a bit too much!

But things are winding down a little now. I’m feeling a little calmer.

I’d better enjoy my weekend though since classes start in Monday. I’m only taking one class that meets on Fridays, but that will be enough to crazy up my life again.

I must remind myself to breath deeply and slowly.


Dear GRE

Dear Gre,

You’re making me nervous. You are stressing me out.
I admit that I haven’t been preparing in earnest. I don’t have a lot of time.
You’re probably thinking that I could make time. I could watch less TV, and not play Angry Birds quite as much.
Well, I can’t argue with you there.

I have started preparing-a little. I downloaded a vocabulary for the GRE audiobook.
The B’s just started. The book is kind of hard to listen to. The narrator says a word, spells it, gives the definition, and uses it in a sentence or two. I know a lot of these words already, so I’m not sure if this is a good use of my time.

What I’m really scared of is the quantitative reasoning part of you. Math makes me nervous. It makes me panicky. I’ve seen sample questions, and I find them strangely worded. On some of them, even if I sort-of understand the math, the question itself confuses me.
GRE, could you make the math part easier for me when I take you? Are you able to do that? I know you’re not.

I bet you think I should prepare as much as I can, take you in December, and then take you again in the summer if my scores aren’t good enough. I’ll get into grad school eventually. You’re thinking I should not get so stressed out because I’m only making it harder on myself.

That makes so much sense! Thanks for your advice GRE. You know, I probably could have figured that out for myself.

See you in December,


Falling down the math hole