Three Line Tales Week 160

Week 160 We have to stand for something. The alternative is unfathomable. Death will take us one day, no matter what we do. Advertisements


Three Line Tales – Week 156

156 We floated on our backs. We counted all the stars. Happiness, on this night, was ours.

Three Line Tales Week 149

Week 149 Boris Smokrovik. via Unsplash I see you looking fine in your flashy yellow suit. Let’s you and me fly down to the club and groove to some of…

3 Line Tales: Week 144

Week 144 Andre Benz via Unsplash Was this the road to the promised land? Believing it was, we began our journey. What will happen if we’re wrong?

3 Line Tales week 137

The light crept in quietly. For a moment, it considered climbing the stairs to check on the children. Does that seem presumptuous? Week 137