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Stress Source

I stupidly fired up the old Twitter app this morning and got involved in a thread (reading not tweeting) about how a certain newly-elected Latina congresswoman used the wrong word when referring to the different parts of the federal government. Suffice it to say that a lot of people are just awful.

I allowed myself to get stressed out before getting out of bed. Why do I subject myself to this abuse? I lived for 38 years with no Twitter. I’m sure I could go another 38 without it.

To try and negate the bad energy, I posted this uplifting quote.

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profundity. Kindness in giving creates love. Lao Tzu

One tweet from me won’t change the world, but maybe one person will see it and offer kindness to someone they meet. That person may pass it on to someone else. That would indeed be something.

In a future post, I’ll make a list of things to do instead of browsing Twitter when you just can’t bring yourself to put down the smartphone.



She’s not really sure if anything matters

But she keeps trudging through the digital muck

It’s all about being one up on the others

For most of them it’s a matter of luck

If you scream into your Twitter

Does it really make a sound

You can’t open closed minds

You’ll only go round and round

In name-calling, death threatening


Time wasting




Do this instead

My brain could do better

Lately, I’ve found myself spending too much time scrolling through my Twitter feed. Sometimes when I come across something objectionable I delve into the post’s replies to see if someone out there has something to say that will make me feel better. I know, I’m just looking for someone to validate my worldview. I’m human.

All of this is unhealthy. I’m damaging my psyche and I’m wasting precious time. Why do I choose to devote energy to other people’s nonsense?

It is mostly nonsense, isn’t it?

The Solution

The way around this dilemma is to do something else! There are tons of things I can do with my time instead of browsing Twitter. Even going to Pinterest would be a healthier option. I made a list of ten worthwhile activities!

  1. Do something blog-related like plan and write posts.
  2. Engage with other bloggers.
  3. Practice playing the guitar.
  4. Learn how to use my digital SLR camera.
  5. Learn some jewelry making techniques.
  6. Draw
  7. Art journal
  8. Read
  9. Meditate
  10. Make more lists

I could go on, but you get the idea. I should consult this list the next time I’m tempted by Twitter.

Pencil drawing
Something I drew

Getting Social

Getting Social: Five people looking at their smartphones

The problem with social media

Let’s face it. Social media can be the worst. It has become a platform where people feel comfortable being awful to other human beings.

I had to get that mini-rant out of the way before talking about how useful social media can be.

It’s not all bad

There are a host of individuals and organizations who share interesting and useful information via social media. If you have a problem or concern, there’s a good chance that someone out there can offer advice or just listen to what you have to say.

I’ve decided to use my information wrangling skills (I have a degree) and put together a list of social media resources that might be useful to people whose lives have been touched by MS. I have the feeling this could turn into a series.

5 MS Related Twitter Accounts

  1. National MS Society nationalmssociety.org– Multiple sclerosis stops people from moving. We exist to make sure it doesn’t
  2. MS Brain Health @MSBrainHealth  – International consensus initiative to improve multiple sclerosis treatment & diagnosis. Time matters. 
  3. MS News Today @MSNewsToday – Multiple Sclerosis News Today is a digital news publication dedicated to offering comprehensive daily news coverage of MS.
  4. Shift.MS @shiftms – The social network for people with multiple sclerosis. Weekend tweets come from someone in the MS community.
  5. Modern Day MS @moderndayms – Stay here, learn about living with a chronic disease and communicate with people experiencing the same confusion, fatigue, and pain that you are.

So follow these tweeters if the mood strikes you. I’ll try and keep these social posts coming.

Hiding in Art

If you spend too much time looking at the world, you’ll see that there’s a lot of awful stuff out there. I’m on Twitter too much. I check the Washington Post online too often. These activities are not helping me or anybody else, and they are diminishing my capacity for happiness. Life is too short to spend it being unhappy.

It’s not like I don’t have things to think about other than the fall of civilization as we know it. I have interests like writing, making art and jewelry, the paranormal, listening to podcasts, and so much more.

Here’s an idea to get myself on a better track. Instead of wasting time reading tweets that make me worry I’ll open up the WordPress app and catch up on those blogs I follow. And when I do that I can begin to interact with fellow bloggers and get that sense of community that I hear so much about. This is a no-brainer.

How about as I get more involved with blogging I start posting more? I have so many things I want to write about.

It’s a shame that it has taken a wrecked world to get me off my butt.

Here’s some art.

Digital art

Sick Day

I’m sitting on the couch watching the X-Files. Sadie is on the couch with me drifting in and out of sleep.

Sadie the Chocolate Lab/Pit Bull mix is curled up on the couch fast asleepm.
Sadie sleeps on the couch.

I didn’t feel well last night and only felt like sleeping in the morning. I decided not to go to work today, so after getting up at noon I have brewed a pot of coffee and here I sit with my laptop and my pup watching the X-Files on Netflix.

A Starbucks mug
My coffee

I’m getting closer to knowing what I want to try and focus on in grad school. I’ve come across some articles on digital literacy and I think that topic interests me. I wonder if there is a way to combine communications and instructional design. I’m just feeling like I want to be a scholar of some sort. I want to be an expert. I want to be  taken  seriously be potential employers.

I need to make some Twitter lists to help me better consume the information that comes in about topics I might want to get all scholarly with.  That was not the best sentence in the world, but I’m going to let it stand. I understood what I was trying to say.

I am totally not paying attention to this X-Files episode. Maybe I should start over. Perhaps a nap is in order.

Pink Splash

There was a time, a few years ago, when I decided to embrace the color pink. I bought a pink wallet and a pink iPhone case. I also had a pink hat that I liked to wear in the winter. It was the “hot color” of the season, so you couldn’t avoid seeing it in the stores. I had previously been an avoider of pink because I thought it too girly. For some reason I didn’t want to be seen as girly. Looking back, I’m not sure what my problem was with the idea of being a “girly girl”.

Who was I then? Who am I now?

This morning I discovered some new “thought leaders” to follow on Twitter, and I wondered how I can become one of them. So that begs the question, “am I not happy with who I am?” Where is the line between striving for something more, and just wishing to be something you’re not? Do I need to be famous to feel worthwhile? I’ve always wanted to be famous. When I got rejected by a guy I had a crush on in high school, I consoled myself with the thought that someday I’d be a famous movie star and that stupid boy would be sorry he rejected me.

I am not a famous movie star. Honestly, I think Hollywood would chew me up, spit me out, and then tap dance on my limp and flattened soul.

I’d like to do something big though. I’d like to make a splash in the world, hopefully while I’m still young-ish and attractive.

You see, sometimes I feel like I’m very, very cool, but there aren’t enough people to witness my coolness.

This could be something akin to a manic episode. I’ve gone several weeks now without falling into a mildly depressive state and it’s confusing me. Is this really me? This is where writing fiction comes in handy. You just work all of this stuff out on your characters.

I don’t have the pink wallet and iPhone case anymore, and I wish I had the hat. I also still want to be a movie star, or at least have a part in a major motion picture. I’d settle for an independent film if I really like the script.

Too Much Technology

I’ve been sitting in front of a computer for too long. Well, I work in the IT department at Indiana University in the technology training group; so it stands to reason that I’d be using a computer a lot. Also I”m obsessed with social media, so I’m always on my iPhone or iPad checking Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and now my new thing-Scoop.it. You see, I want to be a social media guru, and I think I can be one. I’m doing the research, I looking for thought leaders to connect with, I’m going for it and I love it!

But I need to step away from the computer. I need to put the phone down. I need to do something with my hands and my body. How about hooping? How about making those Christmas cards?

Unfortunately, I need to get in some hours so I’ll be working a little from home tomorrow. I only need a couple of hours though. After that the day is mine.

Of course I missed a blog post yesterday and I don’t like it when I miss. One day can easily turn into two and then three and then a week, and so on.

I’ve got a book to look through.
I’ve got my dog to play with.

It’s time to step away. But first, gotta tweet.

Negro Folktales paperback

Sadie Pit/Chocolate Lab Mix

Flowers, data, and a dumpster

About Today

I went over to the Poplars building today to learn about PowerPivot for Excel. I found a parking space right away in (case you were wondering).

On the way into the building I saw some sunflowers.

Sunflowers behind Poplars building

Then I came to this decorated dumpster.

Dumpster with graffiti dog

I had to take some pictures. Is that dog a character I should recognize? I Googled “cartoon dog” but couldn’t find one that looked like this.

So I learned about data cubes today today. My team is creating training for users of the new Business Intelligence system at IU, so I’m learning all about Business Intelligence. It’s more interesting than you’d think and something I never dreamed I’d be exposed to. Life’s full of surprises.

In other news, it is the shoes!

I had been wondering  if gluten was causing my leg problems, so I went off of gluten for a week. Then I got new shoes. They’re the kind of Nikes with an air bladder. They are awesome and my legs feel fine. I’m also doing exercise to strengthen my arches and I think that’s helping too. Things are looking up! I’m still committed to  avoiding sugar because I want to lose about 15 pounds.

Something Profound?

Not sure if I have anything profound to share today. I decided I want to chart my dad’s blood pressure using MS Excel. I’m going to look for a template so I don’t have to figure out how to express the top and bottom number without Excel thinking it’s a fraction. I wish I could transfer the data from the blood pressure machine to my computer. That would save a lot manual data entry. Anyway, that’s yet another new project of mine.

On the Twitter front, I’d like to tweet on a theme. Maybe a new theme each month. I want to  make my Pinterest pins more meaningful too.

So that’s it. Here’s a little doodle.

Little Doodle