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Sometimes a poem doesn’t come. That is a fact of life. So you throw words at birds and hope they take flight.

Digital collage


So Many Words

I’ve been thinking about writing and wondering why people write. The amount of text that gets pushed to the Internet each day has got to be astounding. I found a statistic here that said there were 759 million websites on the web in 2013. I don’t think the brain can or should think about how many words that is.

But I was thinking about what that means for humanity. My non-religious, pseudo-spiritual brain often imagines that there’s a magic to the world. I thought about all of the words that people spew out to computer screens and pieces of paper. What if those words, by virtue of coming into being, did things? What if every short story spawned a new universe? Or are all of these words just empty?

Does it matter that I contribute to the information clutter? They use physical devices to store the data that is my words. I’m burning fossil fuels to do this. Am I hurting anyone?

It sounds like I’m trying to weasel out of trying to be a writer doesn’t it? I shouldn’t write because I’m destroying the  planet. What I should be doing is feeding the homeless. But here I am at 5:45 am writing a blog post and feeling pretty good about myself for doing it. I could just write by hand in a lovely leather-bound journal. If I did, I would end of digitizing it.

And here I go attaching another piece of my digital art to a blog post because I like to clutter in that way too.

Red flower on yellow background digital painting.
Created with ArtSet for iPad.





Working with Words

  1. Ideas rolling in and out like the tide.
  2. We are just here as observers, but we insist on participating.
  3. Pain can’t hide under the bush with you.
  4. Pain is assertive, not aggressive.
  5. Iron is heavy and full. It brings something to us.
  6. I felt like a genius last night. Today I am dull, flat, and pale.
  7. This is an exercise that seeks to exercise itself. Or exorcise?
  8. I’m wanting more than I can handle.
  9. I grab and drop these things as would a pecking chicken.
  10. Is there a forever in my soul?
  11. Is this life bottomless?
  12. I’m alert now.
  13. Juxtapositions are just that.
  14. We are better off not making sense.
  15. Logic’s handles are slippery with wasted spittle.
  16. I am bear, rabbit, cat, goat, dog, sloth, snail, and both kinds of buffalo.
  17. Your lips are thin because you talk too much.Your ears are narrow from not listening.
  18. The planets are lining up. Which one is yours?3 Planets

Words or line or color

I just read this. It made me wish I were a better writer.

Let’s think for a moment about that statement. When I say I want to be a better writer, what do I mean? Do I want to be better than the guy who wrote this?
Of course not. He's trying hard. He wants to succeed. I don't want to step on any toes. I'm not likely to do so if I keep using cliches like that.

Using this language of mine to convey meaning
I try and use language to convey meaning
I give meaning to myself when I use this tool called language.

I know it isn't possible, but I'd like stay quiet. I'd like to stop using words for an entire day–no speaking or thinking in words.

To communicate with colors and lines, sounds and movements, to be only energy_________


Three Letter Words from the Daily Prompt

I am going to write as if this is a normal post. I will avoid mentioning my avoidance of three letter words. Here I go.

I have written about trying to be seen as an expert on some subject. Since I think Instructional Design is my calling, I thought I would become an expert in that realm. I have joined some LinkedIn groups on the topic. I have been following Instructional Design people on Twitter. I have watched videos, I have read articles. I don’t feel competent to write a blog post on the subject.

Maybe I should just write something, anything. My first step is probably to start another blog. This blog is meant to be my rambling outlet. That sounds like a store doesn’t it? Rambling Outlet

I am currently working on an informational video about PowerPivot, a Microsoft Excel plug-in. I could write about that process. I could also create some kind of personal training project. That is probably a better idea. Perhaps I’ll start that project while eating or showering. Well, I at least moved forward in my thinking on the subject. That counts as success!

This no three-letter word thing is hard. Some words just have to be included, or else I kinda sound goofy. Maybe this activated a different part of my brain.

I thought this would be a good time, alas it was not.